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移民和留学 Immigration and Overseas Study (103)

Welcome to share for their own study and experience and lessons of overseas immigrants here, real life situations and feelings after moving overseas, overseas experience, whether it is good is not good, truly share out record, to learn from other people, welcome the sun out of your present situation, happy life in a foreign country for example, you buy a house in USA, you eat seafood in Canada, the pub in the UK, in Ukraine marry a beautiful wife, learning in USA famous University School in Britain happy, relaxed educational environment and so on, also welcome you to say in immigration new life in the confusion and unhappiness, evaluation of immigration and overseas study abroad intermediary, encountered in the immigration and overseas study in the process of pit and so on, that later don't want this to be like we recommit the same error, the exchange place, welcome friends to do the moderator enthusiastic recommendation.

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